Are you planning on launching a marketing campaign in your city? Are you a new business that needs to get your name out there, or a business that has been around a while but wants to attract new customers? It would help if you had signage, there is no denying it. Signs made by a trusted sign shop will spread awareness of your business in your community faster than an online campaign. No matter how much online marketing has grown, it will never overtake good, old-fashioned signs for attracting customers locally.

And who better to handle your signage than a custom sign shop that offers every service you need? We specialize in designing, manufacturing, installing, and repairing signs. We can even get your sign permits sorted out for you! There is nothing to do with signage that Elite Custom Signs cannot do.

To learn more about our services and products, send us a message, and talk to a sign expert today!


What Do We Do?

As a full-service sign shop, we have many offerings, including:



We start by sitting down to discuss your goals, such as what you want to achieve with your sign. We believe in talking about everything upfront as a way of being transparent. After all, we wouldn’t be a responsible sign shop if we tried to pull the wool over any of our client’s eyes.


On-site Analysis

This is where one of our signage specialists comes in and evaluates your establishment on where to install your indoor signs or researches high-traffic areas we can target for outdoor signage. We are both an indoor sign shop and an outdoor sign shop, so whatever type of signs you need, we have you covered. We can even wrap your company vehicles, so you can take your advertising on the go! This is the best way to spread awareness in neighbouring communities.



Manufacturing may be the technical term, but we look at ourselves as artists. By crafting signs with amazing designs, we are creating works of art. With a range of products that includes interior signs, office signs, building signs, vehicle wraps and graphics, and custom signage, we are confident we can find the right option that fits your budget and showcases your business at its best.


Sign Installation

It is crucial that the sign installation process goes smoothly to ensure a long life span for your product. We refuse to take shortcuts, which means hiring qualified electricians for signs that require lighting systems and experienced laminators for vehicle wraps and vinyl products. We know that regardless of the product or the installation process, we have the right staff to do the job effectively and efficiently.


Maintenance and Repairs

When signs are installed properly, they last longer. However, there will always be regular wear and tear for some of your signage that will require maintenance. With Elite Custom Signs on call, you never have to worry about your signs being down any longer than they have to be.


Elite Custom Signs: The Sign Shop in Raleigh, NC that Delivers

Since day one, we have made a promise that we keep with our customers: if we say we can do something, we will deliver on it. You can research all the sign shops in Raleigh, NC, but we would position our service and customer satisfaction rate against any of them!

For more information about our products and services, contact us at 1-919-917-7127 and book a consultation. The sign shop that delivers what you need is just around the corner.