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Channel Letter Sign Fabrication Company Raleigh

Are you looking for custom channel letter signs? We’re here to help you!

Elite Custom Signs is a full-service signage company in Raleigh, that takes care of businesses large and small. Our goal is to help businesses achieve their marketing goals through the use of signage solutions such as LED channel letters.

We offer many options when it comes to signage, with one of our most popular options being storefront channel letters and shape signs. They are perfect for increasing your visibility from down the street, and as they are customizable, adding a personalized touch is a breeze. Illuminated channel letters are a must-have for any late-night businesses trying to attract customers after dark.
If you are interested in channel letters for your business, contact us and book an informative consultation with one of our signage specialists.

What Is a Channel Letter Sign?

These are individually formed letters, most commonly made of metal or plastic, that are lit from within. They are mounted onto a building’s exterior to attract as much attention as possible. The letters are hollow, allowing LED lights to be installed inside, providing truly captivating illumination.

There are several illuminated options. These letters can be lit with a raceway or a wireway, and they emit light from within the face of the sign or from different angles outside of the sign. Each type of lighting hits the letters at a different angle, creating a unique effect.

Types of Channel Letters

Elite Custom Signs offers plenty of options, including different kinds of illumination options. Here is a list to keep in mind:

  • Standard Channel Letters: These are the most common and for good reason. They are often illuminated using LED lights, creating a great lighting effect. These signs are made of high-quality materials and constructed into individually formed letters. Your letters can be designed in any font, from elegant cursive to block channel letters, which allows you to include your branding. Block letters have a clean and modern look, which is perfect for a manufacturing facility, mall, or entertainment centre.
  • Reverse Channel Letters and Logos: Also known as backlit channel letter signs, these also have a truly unique effect. The letters are fabricated with aluminum at the sides and back while the front is made of strong acrylic. The lights are inside the letter, facing the back, which creates a beautiful halo around the sign.
    Backlit channel letter signs are a popular option among restaurant owners or businesses with a warm atmosphere. They give off a sleek, sophisticated look, which creates an inviting storefront for any business to capitalize on and attract more customers.
  • Open Face Channel Letters: These have an open front face, which allows the light to be visible in a way that is truly a showstopper. They are used for businesses looking for a more vintage feel and are illuminated by using LED lights or neon lights. And in case you were wondering, neon channel letters are always a huge hit!
  • Front and Backlit Channel Letters: Front and backlit channel letters and logos combine the elements of standard and reverse channel letter signs, offering up a dynamic effect that cannot be replicated with any other kind of signage. Since they are illuminated from both angles, they get ultimate exposure. The human eye is naturally attracted to illumination, which boosts a business’s visibility and foot traffic. With front and backlit letters, rest assured, your business will not go unnoticed in Raleigh, NC.

Additional Signage Options

  • Open-face channel letters have an open front face, which allows light to be visible in a show-stopping way. They are used for businesses looking for a vintage feel and are illuminated with LED or neon lights.
  • Neon channel letters are often described as retro, so they are the perfect fit if you run a retro business or have chosen this aesthetic. While neon lighting isn’t a modern look, it can help you separate yourself from your competitors. By stirring up feelings in people from the past or making them dream of the future, your business will be a hit!
  • LED channel letters, on the other hand, embody modernism. They are energy efficient and have a long lifespan, which is why many businesses pick them. Combine the visually striking appearance of neon with the power of LED to create an eye-catching sign with an environmentally friendly power system!

How do Businesses Across Raleigh Use Channel Letters?

This kind of signage solution comes with plenty of advantages. For one, self-contained letters are highly visible, thanks to their larger size and ability to be illuminated. They also come in a number of customization options, making them a great choice for businesses that are looking to get creative and unique with their signage. We can customize your block channel letters according to your brand news, including choosing fun colors, a unique lighting effect, and any other details that represent your brand.

Channel letter signs can be used for your interior and exterior, depending on your business needs. They are built to withstand harsh conditions which means that they are built to last a long time.

Different designs in your custom channel letters can help you attract specific clientele. Reverse-lit contour channel letters create an inviting atmosphere in your business and are perfect for attracting customers to a high-end restaurant or gastro pub. On the other hand, traditional front-lit channel letters are fantastic for medical centres and industrial factories. They look strong and give off a feeling of power, making your business look confident and in control.

Contact Us Today For Storefront Channel Letters & Lit Shape Signs in Raleigh, NC

Whether you’re looking for standard or reverse channel letter signs? Or can we help you in some other way? Either way, give us a call! Elite Custom Signs is here to make your visual dreams become a reality.

Contact us for your contour channel letters in Raleigh today and discover what top-notch customer service feels like by working with the sign company that local businesses are raving about.

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