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Good food and drinks are an escape for many hardworking people in Raleigh, NC. When people go out to a bar or restaurant, they not only go for the food and drinks; they go for the experience.

By creating a beautiful atmosphere in your establishment, you generate an experience that will keep customers coming back again and again. Custom signs and graphics are a key part of the decor that serves as a backdrop for a memorable night. At Elite Custom Signs, we understand how significant signage is to the atmosphere of a restaurant or bar, which is why we’re a top-tier partner for businesses in Raleigh, NC.

Required Signage Solutions for Restaurants & Bars

Every bar and restaurant is different, which is why custom indoor restaurant signs are essential for aligning with its image. For example, the signs inside a cocktail bar or nightclub are different from a diner or fast food joint. At Elite Custom Signs, we know how to design custom indoor signs that complement your establishment’s image and help create a mood that supports your preferred customer experience.

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Type of Signage

As a restaurateur, there are variety of signs you will need inside your restaurant or bar, including:

Restaurant and Bar Wall Murals

People go to bars and restaurants for fun, food, and drinks. A beautiful wall mural can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Applying food or cultural-themed murals to your establishment will make the night come to life for everyone!

Name Signs for Your Restaurant

Name signs can help your employees and customers locate different areas easily in your restaurant, such as washrooms, lounges, and more. Similarly, installing name identification signs inside and outside of your establishment will remind people of your business name. By creating a memorable experience, and ensuring your name is familiar, customers are more likely to return and refer friends and family members too.

Bar and Restaurant Lighted Signs

Illuminated signs installed inside and outside your restaurant draw extra attention to your message. Inside, LED neon signage and backlit signs can compliment your atmosphere and help set the ambiance. Outdoor signage that glows at all hours of the day is crucial to bars and restaurants because it attracts customers by capturing their attention.

ADA-Compliant Building Signs

It’s important not to forget your ADA signs. These signs are required by law and must follow strict requirements to be compliant. However, these signs are more than that; they also create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all customers. At Elite Custom Signs, our team understands the ADA requirements, which means we are ready to help Raleigh businesses become accessible.

Large-Format Printing for Restaurants and Bars

A large format sign is an excellent way to advertise your specials and drink menu for maximum visibility. The larger your venue, the bigger the signage has to be, and with custom restaurant and bar sign printing, you can make sure everyone is aware of your latest food and drink offerings.

Exterior Illmunated Pan Face Channel Letter Sign Of Capriottis Business

Storefront Signs

The most important sign outside of your establishment is your storefront sign. It acts as your main identifier, which pulls attention from the street and guides potential customers inside. A storefront sign is like an invitation; it needs to encapsulate everything your bar or restaurant represents and entice people to come inside and try your product offerings.

Food Truck and Delivery Car Wraps

If you run a food truck or delivery business, it’s time to consider installing a vinyl wrap to your vehicles. Not only do they advertise your products in a highly effective way, but they also make your visibility skyrocket.

Unless someone is a repeat customer, people passing by are most likely unaware of your food truck. You need a design that showcases your food in a spectacular way and grabs their attention. Vinyl wraps are the perfect solution!

You can also use vinyl wraps on your delivery cars to boost your drivers’ professionalism when they show up at people’s houses and help spread awareness of your restaurant in the community.

Our Work

Why Use Custom Restaurant Signs?

Customizing the signage inside and outside your restaurant is a way for you to enforce your branding. If you think about the most noticeable brands, many of them are restaurants or fast-food chains.

What makes them instantly recognizable?

The businesses that use eye-catching signs to display their logos and slogans are traditionally the most successful. This is because they are instantly recognizable from a distance, and people are familiar with the type of food and experience they will receive if they pull over and order food.

Get Custom Restaurant Signage for Your Business

The food industry is competitive, but with a custom signage system that blends beautifully with your atmosphere, you can generate an edge for your business. With the help of Elite Custom Signs, your signage will be effective, captivating, and creative.

If you are a restaurateur in Raleigh, NC, or the Triangle area, looking for a reliable company to handle your next sign project, give us a call to book your consultation with one of our signage specialists!

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