Your building is a blank canvas ready to be turned into a work of art. As long as you follow your zoning requirements according to size and placement, the limit is your imagination. Building signage with fun, eye-catching designs can make your business stand out, as long as the job is done correctly.

What do we mean when we say custom building signs have to be designed correctly?

Design and signage are artistic expressions. Luckily, Elite Custom Signs is here to help. We have helped many businesses in Raleigh, NC, with their commercial building signs and are ready to help you!

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Building Signage Done Right

As mentioned, building signs have to be designed correctly, or in simpler terms, in a pleasing way. No one wants an unappealing sign for their business, but there are different interpretations of what people find attractive. It’s what makes the world go round. You should aim for something simple, impactful, and pleasing with mass appeal.

We know how to create building signage that attracts customers. We can tailor your sign to what best suits your business because an arcade is not going to have the same type of storefront sign as a paper manufacturing plant. Your business-building signs need to reflect the goals of your company, whether it is to look professional or you run an entertainment business that offers endless excitement.


Shine Through the Darkness

One thing we cannot stress enough is that your building signage needs to have optimal visibility. This is why placement is crucial, and in some situations, lighting is necessary. If your storefront doesn’t have good visibility at night, an LED sign is required to capitalize on late-night business.


Bring Life to Your Windows

A space that business owners often neglect is the window of their storefront, but it is a fantastic place for signs. You can install window graphics to add appeal or use decals as traditional signs, such as informational signs.


Point People to Your Business

If people cannot find your business, they will not hunt for it: it is that simple. That’s why outdoor building signage that directs people to your storefront with an enticing message is critical for success.

Regardless of what type of building signage you need: whether it is office building signs or commercial building signs, Elite Custom Signs is here and ready to jump into action.


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