If you do not have vehicle graphics yet, what are you waiting for? An increasing number of Research Triangle entrepreneurs are commissioning these branding and marketing tools. If you are still on the fence about these graphics, we present to you some reasons why you simply cannot pass on Raleigh, NC vehicle wraps and graphics.

Vehicle Graphics Take Your Message to the Streets

When you buy billboard space, it does not go anywhere. Only the motorists who happen to pass by will see your advertisement. When these drivers are not part of your target audience, you begin to have issues. However, when you take your message to the streets, you avoid this hit or miss problem. Drive to the neighborhoods where your customers work, shop, and live. You never have to rely on drivers passing by your marketing message again. Instead, you are taking your branding to them.

Vinyl Wraps Are Virtually 100 Percent Memorable

In a recent survey, 95 percent of respondents said that they remembered vehicle graphics. This means that just about everyone who sees you sitting at a red light will remember your wraps as you make your way around town during rush hour traffic. When consumers remember your vinyl decals, they also remember your organization’s branding information and name. When you invest in television, newspaper, and radio ads, you do not get this kind of exposure.

Spot Graphics Cast a Wide Net

As mentioned above, you can reach your target demographic with surgical precision when you install vehicle graphics. This really drives home your branding after you target a certain neighborhood with a paper advertisement blitz. Reaching a certain audience is great, but vehicle graphics tend to reach everyone. This is an added benefit as you find audiences you never previously considered.

For example, as you drive through a neighborhood full of rentals, the people who see your painting contractor vehicle may not have much use for your services. Yet, in a few years, when they buy their own home, they may remember you when the discussion turns to repainting their house. This consumer could also let their peers know about your company simply because of the wrap you chose.

Wraps Advertise 24/7

TV commercials advertise your enterprise for about 30 seconds if the viewer happens to stay in the room for the ad. You have about a day or two before your newspaper ad ends up in the recycling bin. On the other hand, vehicle graphics market your business at all hours of the day and night, even when your vehicle is parked. You essentially get nonstop branding for the entire five years that vehicle vinyl products typically last. Place your van, car, truck, or even boat in front of your home to generate interest in your neighborhood. Or, park in front of your shop for extra attention-grabbing signage.

When you install Raleigh, NC vehicle wraps and graphics, you reach your target demographic as well as everyone else. If you are ready to take advantage of this marketing tool, contact Elite Custom Signs today for a free quote.