Every facility can benefit from a custom monument sign whether you run a standalone business or you operate a large office complex with many tenants. Monument signs are an effective way to catch the eyes of motorists and announce your location to clients. Fortunately, Elite Custom Signs has virtually limitless solutions when it comes to materials, designs, and colors for monument signs in Raleigh, NC.

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are free-standing exterior structures utilized to show the entrances of community centers, schools, churches, medical facilities and hospitals, retail centers, entertainment complexes, apartment buildings, housing developments, corporate campuses, and essentially any business with a physical location. These markers are typically visually impressive, attention-grabbing, and capture the campus or building architecture.

When shopping for monument signs, it is important for you to understand what options are available. Here are some of our most popular alternatives:

Exterior Directories

Multi-tenant buildings and business parks are our biggest buyers of exterior directories. They are usually installed in retail areas that have restrictive sign regulations that do not allow for the use of colorful branding or illuminated markers. Outdoor directory signs perform the important function of letting visitors and clients know they have found the right place. Make certain that your enterprise is included on these roadside directories.

Free-Standing Architectural Signs

Single-tenant buildings often use architectural monument signs. They are crafted and designed for long-term outdoor use with an array of durable, cutting edge, lightweight materials. The monument sign can match the style of your building by using brick, wood, stone, stucco, or any other kind of surface. They can be lit by external flood lights or illuminated from within so your facility will be visible after dark.

LED Message Boards

The LED message board digital display is arguably the flashiest monument sign of all. It is basically a free-standing architectural sign on steroids. They are popular in front of schools, entertainment centers, churches, retail businesses, and other enterprises with a dedicated venue and an active schedule of promotions and events. These markers showcase your organization’s identity while conveying your important messages.

Pole Signs

A single cabinet set atop one pylon or positioned between multiple pylons is called a pole sign. These markers are typically designed to accommodate several businesses. Pylon signs attract motorists and foot traffic and assist them with identifying companies with busy complexes. If you recently moved your enterprise into a complex with one of these signs, we can work with your landlord’s specific requirements to create eye-catching sign panels to advertise your business.

Post and Panel Sign Systems

Both single and multi-tenant buildings can benefit from post and panel signs. They can be made from a range of materials. They can also be made with elaborately painted and carved wood panels for upscale properties, or they can be more straightforward. For nighttime visibility, post and panel signs usually have external spotlighting.

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