You have started a business, and now it’s time to advertise with signage. There are many methods we can take to create a wide variety of signage, depending on your preferences or goals. Custom sign printing allows us to take any design and apply it to any type of signage, from vinyl signs and acrylic signs to indoor signs and outdoor signs.

To figure out what the best method and type of signage is for you, we suggest booking a consultation with a professional signage company. By understanding more about your company and your goals, we can determine the best way to kickstart your marketing campaign, which increases the chances of immediate results.


What Methods Do You Use for Custom Sign Printing?

Two different methods sign companies use for custom sign printing.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process in which a mesh is used to transfer ink onto your preferred material, such as acrylic or metal. Screen printing is a tried-and-true method that offers high-quality production, as well as additional benefits.

However, as this method has been around for decades, many sign businesses opt for a more modern approach, such as digital printing.

Digital Printing

As it has only been established for two decades, a modern sign printing option is digital printing. As the most versatile and widely used form of printing in a sign shop, it allows for easy customisation and unique designs. It is the best method for materials such as vinyl, fabric, and paper. All our vinyl signs, vehicle wraps, and graphics are created with digital printing, as it gives us the power to craft detailed and colourful designs.

What Are the Best Custom Signs for Your Business?

For your signage journey to start on the right foot, your signage partner has to understand what type of business you operate. Once we know what you are selling and the space you have available for signage, we can create a personalized signage campaign. Knowing what kind of sign solution you’re looking for, the installation location and any industry insight can assist in determining what sign printing method to choose.

Here are some common ways to use custom sign printing:

Building Signs

If you rent or own a building, you need building signs to advertise your business and indoor signs to make your establishment functional. Business signs, such as wayfinding signs, informational signs, and ADA signs, help to create a positive customer experience. By customizing the sign printing process, you’re able to reinforce your brand within both your indoor and outdoor building signs.

Outdoor Signs and Vehicle Wraps

Effortlessly expand your reach with a variety of outdoor signs. From a yard sign located on your front stoop or a vehicle wrap that travels around town on deliveries or house calls, outdoor signs offer countless benefits for your business’s marketing strategy.

Vehicle graphics are an excellent sign for custom sign printing because vinyl is a versatile material that opens the door for unique designs and bright colours. You can also print interactive elements into your vehicle wraps, such as QR codes. Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to elevate businesses and boost their professionalism when the vehicles show up at a job site.

Window Graphics

Window graphics can be digitally printed to your design specifications, which transforms your storefront windows into prime advertising space. These signs entice onlookers to enter your business, increase your interaction with passersby, and advertise promotions, new products or services, and upcoming events in an eye-catching way.

Make the Most of Your Signage with Elite Custom Signs

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