Exterior building signs are a necessity for any business. They help identify your business, communicate to passersby what you offer, and make your products look enticing. A poor design can hurt your business and turn people away, while a great design can drive people through your front doors. Outdoor marketing signs designed by experts offer an in-depth understanding of what makes people tick.

Who are those experts? We are! At Elite Custom Signs, we strategize marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your business. Our focus is creating products with a personalized touch because, after all, custom is our middle name.

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Exterior Building Signs: How to Attract Attention

Exterior building signage offers the opportunity to attract new customers. They advertise your business 24/7, which means these opportunities are also endless. When considering a design for your building signs, as well as what type of materials you want to use, consider the following:

Curb Appeal Sells

Whether we like to admit it or not, people often judge a book by its cover. Your business is no different. Poor signage will turn people away, as they will associate your signage quality with your product quality; however, beautifully designed and enticing signage will have people veering off course and heading toward your business. Let us help you create eye-catching exterior building signs that attract passersby right and left.

Day and Night Visibility

It is astounding how many businesses neglect a proper lighting system and corresponding maintenance for their signage. If your storefront sign is not in a well-lit area or getting proper exposure, you are missing out on potential business. Channel letters, LED signs, and outdoor light box signs can make the most of your exterior building signs by optimizing your visibility.

Advertise Sales, Events, and Promotions

The power of advertising is nearly unmatched for businesses of all sizes. Even big-name brands run extensive advertising campaigns to launch new products or services. If you are throwing an event, outdoor event signs are a must. If you have a seasonal sale or a limited-time promotion, it is important to let people know with bold, communicative signage. When people know they only have a limited time to act, they act fast, which boosts your sales!

Signs That Fit Your Budget

We craft signs from a variety of materials at different costs. This ensures that we have the right signage solution to fit your budget, while also accomplishing your business goals. Are you advertising a sale? Do you want to stand out from your competition? Window graphics are a simple and cost-effective way to advertise sales if you have the window space. If your marketing budget is more extensive, consider how digital signs could be extremely useful, because you can change your message as many times as needed.

Work with our team to outline your business needs, signage vision, and marketing budget. We will provide tailored recommendations that fit all your requirements to find the perfect sign for you.

Step Up to Quality

If you are ready to step up your outdoor marketing campaign with high-quality signage, call us. We have served many businesses in Raleigh, NC. Now let us help you! Contact us at 1-919-917-7127 and see the difference premium exterior building signs make.