Running a business from a brick-and-mortar location comes with many responsibilities. One focus is the experience of your employees, customers, and anyone who enters your establishment. Interior signs are an integral part of creating a safe environment, as they provide key information related to engaging with and navigating your business. Indoor signs can also help your business generate more sales and improve customer satisfaction. Each goal your business may have can be accomplished by a specific sign if it is designed properly.

At Elite Custom Signs, we work with companies across all different industries to find the best signs for their needs; whether they aim to attract more customers, impress onlookers, or enhance their visual appeal, we help make it happen.

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Considerations for Your Interior Signs

Before deciding what type of signs and materials you want to use to decorate the interior of your business, consider the following factors:

Do They Match Your Decor?

Part of having an inviting business that people enjoy spending their time in is the aesthetic appeal of your establishment. The indoor signs you choose to implement should add to this appeal, helping you improve customer satisfaction and/or employee morale. For example, wall graphics and murals are the perfect kind of custom indoor signs for this goal, as they are designed to add beauty and branding to your walls.


Each sign serves a distinct purpose, and many include some sort of messaging or guidance for onlookers. This highlights the importance of your signs being readable because, if they aren’t, they do not adequately serve their purpose. Use bold fonts and high contrast colors to ensure your messaging is easily read and understood.

However, there are some signs where you must take extra steps to enhance their readability. ADA signs, for example, need a non-glare or matte finish. This way, people with visual impairments can read your message, too; this design feature also ensures their safety while in your business. While they create an inclusive environment, which is important for your business’s reputation, ADA requirements are also mandatory.


Depending on the purpose of your sign, different materials offer different levels of durability. For example, you shouldn’t expect a vinyl window sign that advertises an upcoming sale to last as long as a metal sign. Some sign types, such as banners, are used specifically for temporary purposes and are made from economical materials. In contrast, other signs, such as wayfinding and lobby signage, are long-term investments, which is why they are made from sturdy, reliable materials that last for years.

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