Best uses for panel signs in Raleigh NC

Best Uses for Panel Signs in Raleigh NC

You can really make your logo pop by installing panel signs. These versatile markers can feature dimensional or flat cut logos and letters made from a variety of materials. When you do this, you add an architectural element that is perfect for making your signage stand out from the color of the wall it is mounted to. Panel signs are particularly useful when we need to install a sign on a tough surface, like granite or tile. They are also easy to uninstall and reinstall when the time comes for your company to move.

As one of the top suppliers of panel signs in Raleigh, NC, we like to think we know a thing or two about the best uses for these markers. Below are some ideas for your organization.

Lobby Signs

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs in Raleigh NC

One of the most celebrated uses for panel signs is for displaying your business’s name in your lobby or reception area. Clear acrylic panels are ideal for this. We start with a clear panel then add metal laminate letters, vinyl decal applied logos, solid cut metal letters, or raised cut acrylic letters. We can then add a solid color to the back of the panel and mount it with spacers for a dimensional look. This is one of our most affordable solutions for professional lobby signs.

Wayfinding Markers

Acrylic Wayfinding Signs in Raleigh NC

Do you manage a multi-tenant building? How do visitors know how to find the business they are looking for? Wayfinding markers are important for helping guests, customers, and even employees get to where they need to go in a timely manner. Wayfinding markers can get the job done. You might consider a multi-layered panel sign for your directory. These signs consist of one large panel with several smaller panels featuring the names of tenants or departments. As information changes, we can just change out the relevant panels rather than completely replacing the sign.

Suite Signs

Acrylic Panel Suite Signs in Raleigh NC

A simple panel listing your suite number and name in plain lettering may help people to find your unit, but it will not do much else. Sure, we can fabricate these markers for you, but we recommend incorporating your unique branding to really have an impact. For instance, instead of having a bland suite sign, you should consider installing something akin to a lobby sign. This will boost your brand awareness.

Room Identification

Acrylic Room ID Signs in Raleigh NC

Not only is it helpful to label the different rooms within your facility, it is required by law under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Panel signs will get the job done. They can feature high-contrast, non-glare, tactile lettering and symbols. We are also able to add Braille. Custom panel signs for your meeting and conference rooms that feature the colors and fonts found on your other marketing materials will help your brand recognition.

This should give you a good primer on what we can do with panel signs in Raleigh, NC. Give us a call if you are interested in options that are specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. Elite Custom Signs is happy to provide you with a free consultation. Contact our friendly experts today!

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Interior Signs for Restaurants in Raleigh NC

Interior Signs for Restaurants in Raleigh NC

For centuries, humans have been faced with the age-old question of “What should we have to eat?” As a restaurant owner, you naturally want hungry people to think of your eatery when this question comes to mind. However, if you do not have signs and graphics, you can forget about attracting new customers. Amedeo’s realized this, so they contacted Elite Custom Signs for restaurant signs in Raleigh, NC.

What Is Amedeo’s?

Interior Signs for Restaurants in Raleigh NC

Located on Western Boulevard in Raleigh near campus, Amedeo’s has been serving up fresh slices since Richard “Amedeo” DeAngelis first opened up shop over half a century ago. It is THE place to go to watch North Carolina State games when you are not lucky enough to get tickets. They have a full bar, more than a dozen pasta options, calzones, sandwiches, and several specialty pizzas. We recommend trying their lasagna. They also offer catering and delivery services.

When a local favorite contacted us for interior signs for restaurants in Raleigh, NC, we were more than happy to help. The interior décor of their venue consisted almost entirely of pictures of famous NC State athletes and memorabilia. We all love the Wolfpack, but Amedeo’s needed to incorporate their branding into their ambiance. We had just the solution.

We Gave Amedeo’s the “Elite” Treatment

Our first step in the sign-making process was to meet with the client, perform a site survey, and maybe steal a slice of pizza. We listened closely to what Amedeo’s had in mind for their project. It was pretty straight forward. They wanted a marker that would prominently feature their logo with the cooking wolf. And, since they were running a restaurant, the sign needed to be durable and easy to clean.

We started with a white acrylic panel. We then printed out the large logo on high-quality cast vinyl using our large format digital printer. We applied the graphics to the acrylic panel and added overlaminate to protect the graphics. We then scheduled a time to install the new sign when it would not disrupt business. Once they saw the finished product, Amedeo’s was completely satisfied.

Contact Us for Your Interior Signage Needs

Your main concerns, when picking and designing interior signs for your restaurant, should be ease of use and aesthetic appeal. Just about any café can benefit from menu boards. Menu boards are great because they catch the eyes of foodies, can easily highlight whatever dishes you want, and we can update your items as your menu changes.

For interior visuals, floor and wall graphics are smart solutions. From the moment diners enter your establishments, you will set the mood with floor graphics featuring your logo and huge wall graphics that complement your interior décor. There are seemingly endless ways for you to boost your brand awareness and beautify your interior with vinyl graphics.

Elite Custom Signs is proud to supply the Research Triangle Area with the broadest range of restaurant signs. Contact our friendly experts today for a free consultation if you are interested in learning more.

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Nissan NV Free Vehicle Graphics Incentives North Carolina

Here's How to Save Money on Nissan NV Vehicle Graphics!

Most small businesses operate in a crowded and competitive marketplace. Consequently, you need to take advantage of any edge you can get over the other companies in your industry. Nissan recognized that a lot of the entrepreneurs who buy their NV vans are using them for commercial purposes, and they wanted to provide an incentive to attract more small business owners while helping these customers succeed in their sector. This is why they have introduced Nissan NV vehicle graphic incentives.

How Does the Nissan NV Incentive Package Work?

Nissan NV Free Vehicle Graphics Incentives North Carolina

The No-Charge Graphics Package offered by Nissan when you purchase an NV is good for up to 70 square feet of graphic material to create a personalized exterior graphic design that will be installed on your van for no change.

The graphic design can include virtually anything you can imagine to help market your enterprise, including your company’s contact information, unique slogans, and logos. To create the precise appearance you want, they pay for the professional creative design time with a graphic designer. This also covers production of your approved graphic design and installation by a certified graphics installer, so you can be sure your graphics will look their best.

Why Should You Take Advantage of This Offer?

The reasons for installing vehicle graphics on your work vans are many and varied. First, let’s look at some statistics. 3M’s Commercial Graphics Division in conjunction with the American Trucking Association performed an independent study that found that a single vehicle wrap traveling the suburban areas of a major city can generate more than 30,000 visual impressions each day. When you travel in and around a major city, that number jumps to over 65,000 visual impressions per day.

This study also looked at what kind of impression vehicle wraps have on consumers. 91 percent of people notice the images and words displayed on vinyl graphics. 98 percent of individuals believed that fleet graphics produced a positive impression for the organization. Based on vehicle graphics, 75 percent of people develop an impression about a company and its products. And, 96 percent said fleet wraps had more of an impact on them than other forms of outdoor advertising, such as billboards.

In addition, vehicle graphics are much more effective than traditional media. On the one hand, vehicle wraps are always working for your business. Even when your work van is parked at a job site or outside of your shop, it is boosting your brand awareness as cars drive by. You do not get this sort of 24 hours a day, seven days a week exposure with newspapers, TV, or radio.

Areas We Serve

From our shop in Raleigh, NC, we are proud to serve small businesses in Cary, NC, Durham, NC, Chapel Hill, NC, Morrisville, NC, Apex, NC, Holly Springs, NC, and everywhere in between. If you want to take advantage of the Nissan NV vehicle graphic incentives, contact Elite Custom Signs today for a free consultation on our vehicle graphic design, printing, installation, and maintenance services.

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Custom Building Signs in Cary NC

Custom Building Signs in Cary NC

If you are a business owner or property manager in the Research Triangle region, you need to have custom building signs that consumers will notice and remember. Building signs come in several shapes and sizes. And, they are one of the most dynamic signage options available. Also, building signs can be manufactured using vinyl, wood, plastic, metal, sign foam, and other materials. Let’s take a look at what solutions are available for building signs in Cary, NC.

Types of Exterior Building Signs

Signs that are directly mounted to the outside of your venue are known as building signs. They typically feature your business’s logo and name and are used for primary identification. Some of the most popular building sign alternatives include:

Building Signs Cary NC Lightbox Cabinet Signs

Lightbox Cabinet Signs – You are likely familiar with seeing these signs as you drive by exits on the freeway. These lightboxes are usually installed high on top of pylons. We can do that for you, but today, we are going to talk about the cabinets installed on your facility. With these markers, your message is visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We print out your graphics on vinyl and apply them to transparent plastic faces through which LED lights shine.

Custom Building Signs Cary NC Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs – Whatever typeface you want can be achieved with the aluminum “can” housings used for channel letters. Again, LED lighting shines through transparent acrylic faces. Halo-lit letters, which have light shining out of the back of the letter, and non-illuminated channel letter signs are just a couple variations on the standard channel letter.

Custom building signs Cary NC Panel Signs

Panel Signs – One cost-effective method for announcing the name of your company is with simple panel signs. We often times use aluminum composite material to make these panels. Then, digitally-printed graphics or dimensional letters are added to the panel.

Custom Building Signs Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letter Signs – Plastic, sign foam, metal, and other materials are used to make dimensional letter signs. We paint and route the letters to match your branding. And, for added dimensionality, we standoff mount the letters. Lighting is not incorporated into these letters, so you may want to consider landscape lighting or spotlighting if you are open at night. We can install these lights for you.

This is just a sampling of what our talented sign makers can do. We have the skills and tools to make your ideas a reality. Give us a call if you have something in mind for your business that is not covered in this blog. We will give you an honest assessment of whether we can do it.

We have the experience and software required to match your company’s typefaces and colors exactly to ensure you have brand consistency. Since we believe in doing our part for the environment, we use LED lighting in all of our illuminated markers. In the long run, you will save your enterprise money with LEDs since they require less electricity and maintenance.

To learn more about building signs in Cary, NC, contact Elite Custom Signs today for a free consultation and quote.

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Vehicle Graphics for New Businesses in Cary NC

Why Should New Businesses Invest in Vehicle Graphics?

As your ramp up to open the doors of your new business to the public, you may see graphics on vehicles whizzing around the streets of Cary and wonder if vinyl wraps are right for your enterprise. The short answer is “Yes!” As a matter of fact, over 95 percent of consumers are reached by ads targeting motorists according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. To help you understand how they are so effective, we have put together this guide on why you should buy vehicle graphics in Cary, NC.

What Are Vehicle Graphics?

Vehicle Graphics for New Businesses in Cary NC

Vehicle graphics essentially transform your automobiles into billboards on wheels. They consist of digitally-printed vinyl that is installed professionally on your car, van, truck, or even boat. Graphics can cover your entire vehicle or just parts of it, such as your windows. And, the decals are printed in full color to grab the attention of everyone around. They usually last up to five years or more.

There is an array of options depending on how much you want to spend. Full vehicle wraps cost the most, but they also get the most attention. Partial wraps work with the colors of your vehicle to make it appear as if you have a full wrap at a fraction of the cost. Spot graphics are ideal for putting your logo or images of your work on your van. And, if you are managing a large fleet, vinyl lettering is the most cost-effective way to display your organization’s name, contact information, and a list of services or products.

“Wouldn’t My Money Be Better Spent on Traditional Advertising?”

Vehicle Graphics in Cary NC

Vehicle graphics reach more people at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than any other form of marketing. According to a recent study, it costs about four cents to reach a thousand people with a vehicle wrap. On the other hand, newspaper ads have a CPM of almost $20 and outdoor signs have a CPM of more than $3.50. In addition, based on where and how far they are driven, your wrapped work trucks can reach between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.

We get calls all the time from clients who have experienced a boost in sales since they wrapped their vehicles. Some of them can’t even make it home with their newly wrapped van before they are collecting new customers. One business owner, who decided to track the return on investment for his wrapped truck, found that his sales increased by more than $175,000 in ten months thanks to the addition of vehicle graphics.

Only Go with Professionals

Truck Graphics for new businesses in Cary NC

With the growing popularity of vehicle graphics, more inexperienced sign makers are trying to get a piece of the market share. Consequently, there are a number of fly-by-night shops that do not know what they are doing and are just out there to make a buck. This makes it important that you check your wrap provider’s portfolio and credentials.

The friendly experts at Elite Custom Signs have years of experience producing top-quality vehicle graphics in Cary, NC. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation today!

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