Van Graphics in Cary NC

Brand with Van Graphics in Cary NC

The best way to build your customer base is by gaining visibility. An excellent way to increase your exposure is with van graphics for Cary, NC. When you wrap a van with graphics, it will be noticed by thousands of consumers every day. Thankfully, Elite Custom Signs is one of the premier suppliers of vehicle graphics in the region.

How Effective Are Vehicle Graphics?

Van Graphics in Cary NC

Statistically speaking, they are very effective! In fact, more than nine out of ten respondents to a recent survey said they notice words and images on vans. When coupled with distinct lettering and graphics, your automobile will make your brand memorable to potential clients.

Vinyl wraps work. That is one of the main reasons they have grown in popularity in recent years. You get the best return on your advertising investment. When you turn your work van into a billboard on wheels, you gain exposure all year round. When compared to traditional billboards or radio, TV, and newspaper ads, it is clear that van graphics give you the most bang for your buck.

Van Graphic Options

Van Wraps and Graphics Cary NC

Though van graphics are completely customizable, they generally fall into the following categories:

Perforated Vinyl – While still allowing the driver to see out, you can cover your windows with your branding using perforated vinyl. This solution is the ideal way to expose motorists stuck behind you in traffic to your products and services.

Wraps – The most expensive way to put your branding on your van is with full vehicle wraps. However, this is also the most effective way to catch eyes. Partial wraps are able to come close to achieving the same effect as a full wrap by working with the colors of your van.

Vinyl Lettering – The most affordable option for putting your organization’s contact information and name on your work vans is truck lettering. You can pick from a broad range of colors, sizes, fonts, and styles. We can also personalize your lettering for you.

Spot GraphicsSpot graphics are an excellent way to put any photos or images on your vehicles. They are perfect for displaying your handiwork, bestselling items, or logo.

We Enjoy Making the Trip to Cary!

Van Graphics and Wraps Cary NC

From our shop in Raleigh, we love making the drive west to visit our Wake County neighbors in the Town of Cary. There is always stuff going on in Cary with its booming population of 155,227. Some of our favorite events in town are the NC Eid Festival, the numerous college sports championships, and the Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival. There are also many large employers bringing jobs to the region, such as American Airlines, the SAS Institute, WakeMed, Verizon, Fidelity Investments, and more.

We are proud to serve Cary from Prestonwood Country Club and Cary Towne Center to Fred G. Bond Metro Park and the Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency Park and every place in between. Please consider contacting Elite Custom Signs today for a free quote and meeting if you are in need of van graphics for Cary, NC.

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ADA Signs for Raleigh NC

Types of Interior ADA Signs to Consider in Raleigh NC

The need for ADA compliant interior signs is something that all physicians’ offices, local government offices, service providers, retailers, and top employers all share in common. When it comes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there still seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the signage requirements. The professionals at Elite Custom Signs have put together this Q&A about interior ADA signs for Raleigh, NC to help shed a bit of light on the subject.

Do all of my interior signs have to meet ADA guidelines?

ADA Signs Raleigh NC

Only permanent rooms are covered by the regulations. For instance, a room would not be covered by the guidelines if it doubles as a file room, changes its function to become a copy room, and then changes once again to serve as a storage closet. However, you do have to use an ADA compliant sign to identify a meeting room that does not change its use over the years.

When the furniture is not bolted to the floor, you do not have to label your office cubicles with ADA signs according to the requirements. But, it is still fairly cost-effective and helpful to add compliant numerical markers to identify them. It is often worth the effort to go above and beyond the call of the law to make your building more accessible since it will help workers as well as guests find their way around.

Are the ADA requirements only meant for room signs?

ADA and Braille Signs Raleigh NC

In a word: Nope! Exits, for example, must be marked clearly in a manner that complies with the Act. You must also use Braille markings to clearly identify exit doors and stairwells that lead to the outside and to hallways.

Are temporary signs covered by ADA regulations?

Markers that are only in use for seven days or fewer are considered to be temporary. Consequently, they do not have to be in compliance. Yet, your wayfinding markers, such as exit signs, will have to follow the requirements. Therefore, covering them up with temporary signs is a no-no, even if you think it would improve the décor you have chosen for a seminar or conference.

Do we have to display my organization’s name in an ADA compliant manner?

ADA Room Signs Raleigh NC

No, you do not. Compliance standards do not cover the display of your business’s name. Of course, if you want people of all abilities to find you, it makes sense to have any suite signs that mention your name meet the guidelines.

In addition, if you have made any changes to your office since you have added ADA compliant signs in Raleigh, NC, you may no longer be in compliance. The best way to be sure is to contact the friendly experts at Elite Custom Signs for a free consultation. We can go through your venue and point out areas where you need to update your signage to be in compliance with the ADA. We can then provide you with a variety of custom solutions that fit your branding, vision, and budget.

If you are interested in learning more about interior ADA signs, contact us today!

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Custom Lobby Signs for Raleigh NC

Choose From a Variety of Lobby Signs in Raleigh NC

Also called reception area signs and waiting room signs, lobby signs are a must for every type of business and organization. Whether you operate an auto showroom, retail storefront, service salon, or a professional office, lobby signs are an excellent way to invite clients in and put bare, bland walls to good use. Fortunately, Elite Custom Signs manufactures and installs custom lobby signs for Raleigh, NC to help you boost your brand recognition.

Popular Lobby Sign Options

We work with you from design to installation to create reception area signs you are proud of. We get the most requests for the following types of lobby signs:

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs Raleigh NC

Acrylic Logo Panels – Clear acrylic panels with digitally printed logos and letters applied to their faces are a favorite option. The panel is installed with spacers to create a 3D appearance. Acrylic panels can be routed to any shapes or sizes. Plus, you can pick from several different thicknesses. You may want to layer panels for a huge impact.

Metal Laminate Letter Lobby Signs Raleigh NC

Metal Laminate Letters – When you choose individually cut metal laminate letters, you can get a stylish metal look without the expense of a solid metal alloy. We make these by adding a thin layer of real metal to acrylic, PVC, high-density urethane (HDU), or other substrates. Each letter is then routed out to match your organization’s logo or font. Metal laminate can come in several different colors.

Backlit Lobby Signs Raleigh NC

Backlit Lobby Signs – Do you run a tech firm or other enterprise that prides itself on being ahead of the curve? If so, you need backlit lobby signs. These markers typically feature LED lights that shine through acrylic faces. LED is the preferred illumination option because it is energy efficient.

Acrylic Letter Lobby Signs Raleigh NC

Acrylic Letters – Acrylic cut letters continue to be a common alternative for interior signage. You can pick from the 30 or so shiny and crisp standard colors, or we can paint the letters to match your corporate colors. In addition, your letters and logo can be cut to any height, width, or depth you want.

HDU Routed Letter Lobby Signs Raleigh NC

HDU Letters – Commonly referred to as sign foam, HDU letters are your best choice if you want depth on a lobby sign. For a dressy appearance, we can add an acrylic face. Or, we can customize it with a digitally printed face. HDU is prized for being versatile and eco-friendly.

Do You Really Need Lobby Signs?

If you run a company, take a moment to look around your lobby and entrance areas. You likely have a plant or two and some boring framed paintings. When people visit your building, are they able to find your company information? Do guests know they have found the right place? Lobby signs can be quite helpful in these situations. Reception area signs also provide an excellent way to

  • Display your accolades and accomplishments
  • Offer directional cues
  • Set your office apart from your neighbors
  • Provide a visual representation of your service area
  • Define what sets your enterprise apart
  • Reveal your professionalism and confidence

Contact Elite Custom Signs today for a free quote if you are ready to boost your branding and invite customers in with lobby signs for Raleigh, NC.

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Truck Lettering and Vehicle Decals Raleigh NC

Brand with Truck Lettering and Vehicle Decals in Raleigh NC

The term “branding” is thrown around quite a bit in the business world, but not everyone understands what it means or why it is important. Branding can be loosely defined as any elements of your enterprise that represent your organization to your target audience. This often includes your company’s logo, colors, and fonts.

Why is branding important? Once people recognize your brand, they begin to trust you. And, consumers generally do business with enterprises they trust. How do you achieve this name recognition? The best way is to get your brand in front of people’s eyes as often and in as many ways as possible. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is with truck lettering in Raleigh, NC. Fortunately, Elite Custom Signs is one of the premier suppliers of these graphics.

What Is Truck Lettering?

Truck Lettering in Raleigh NC

It used to be that truck lettering primarily consisted of black letters on a white vehicle. Nowadays, truck lettering, commonly known as vinyl vehicle lettering, comes in a variety of standard letter colors and typefaces, or we can custom print and cut your letters to match the fonts and colors on your other marketing materials. This is a must for brand consistency. In addition, truck lettering is also available in a broad range of styles, including metallic, reflective, neon, matte, and more.

If you want to put your contact information, company name, a list of products or services, or DOT letters on your fleet, this is the most affordable way to do it. We will even install your letters to make certain that they are evenly spaced and aligned so you can look your best out on the road.

What Are Vehicle Decals?

Vehicle Vinyl Decals Raleigh NC

Also referred to as spot graphics or vinyl decals, vehicle decals are the ideal way to display your logo, top-selling products, or handiwork. We design, fabricate, and install these graphics. To perfectly render whatever images, photos, pictures, or other graphics you want, we utilize state of the art software and printers. Vinyl decals work well in conjunction with truck lettering.

Why Vehicle Graphics?

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering and Decals in Raleigh NC

When small business owners and contractors first call us for truck graphics for their fleet, they often tell us that they waited so long to install decals because they were afraid it would be too expensive. Yet, when we provide them with their quote, they are usually surprised at how affordable it is.

The fact of the matter is that you cannot afford to allow your work vehicles to remain bare. Consider this: world-renowned vinyl manufacturer 3M recently conducted a study in which they found that one $3,500 vehicle wrap was able to gain the same number of impressions as $130,000 worth of advertising using traditional media. Plus, when you purchase a television, radio, or newspaper ad, it is only in the public eye for a short time. Vehicle graphics market your organization at all hours of the day and night for up to five years.

Contact Elite Custom Signs today for a free consultation if you are ready to boost your sales with truck lettering and vehicle decals for Raleigh, NC.

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Vehicle Wraps vs. Painting a Car in Raleigh NC

Vehicle Wraps vs. Painting Your Business Cars in Raleigh NC

Far too often, fleet managers pay close attention to mechanical issues with their cars, vans, trucks, or other vehicles, but they overlook the appearance of the vehicles and what sort of image it is projecting for their business. It is natural for paint jobs to fade and scratch over time, and no amount of cleaning will fix this. Eventually, you will need to find a way to improve the look of your car or fleet. But, should you paint or wrap a car in Raleigh, NC? Today’s blog entry should help you decide.

Beware of Low-Cost Paint Jobs!

Vehicle wraps better than painting a car in Raleigh NC

There are plenty of auto body shops out there looking to make a quick buck by offering paint jobs that are too good to believe. They promise to paint your vehicle for $500. However, these prices are simply not possible if you want the job done right. There is just too much labor that goes into the project, including removing any ornaments, bumpers, door handles, and other parts during the prep stage. Next, the original paint job needs to be sanded down to make sure the vehicle is textured correctly and smooth so it can accept the paint. Finally, there is the cost of the actually car-grade paint and materials.

Cheap paint jobs skip most of these steps to give your vehicle a look that will reflect poorly upon your organization. Plus, the paint will begin to peel and fade fairly quickly. When it comes to painting your car, you tend to get what you pay for. For a high-quality job, you can expect to pay up to $5,000 or more. And, even then, you have no guarantee against it fading in the Raleigh weather.

You CAN Afford a Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wraps Vs. Painting a Car

As vehicle wraps become more popular and the prices of material and equipment go down, it has become more affordable than ever to wrap your fleet. Best of all, when you order wraps for your cars, you can expect to pay much less than if you were to paint them. In addition, wraps last for up to five years. They are also 100 percent removable so it will be much easier to find a buyer when the time comes to sell your vehicle.

Another reason why wraps are popular for fleets is brand consistency. With a level of precision that is impossible with paint, we can print out graphics that perfectly match your other marketing materials and install them on your vans. Each van can look exactly the same. Or, if you have a variety of different vans, cars, or trucks, we can adjust the artwork to fit the contours of each vehicle. This will help make your fleet recognizable as you travel the roads of Raleigh.

Best Vehicle Wraps in Raleigh NC

When considering vehicle wraps vs. painting in Raleigh, NC, you should also know that Elite Custom Signs does not sneak in hidden fees or costs. Our quotes include design creation, printing, and installation. If you are interested in transforming your fleet the cost-effective way, contact our expert technicians today for a free consultation.

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