3D Letter Lobby Signs in Cary NC Great for All Types of Businesses!

3D letter lobby signs are a must if your enterprise is located in a large office building, you are opening up your first brick-and-mortar store or office, or if you simply want to boost your brand awareness. Today, we are going to examine the many ways you can use 3D letter lobby signs in Cary, NC.

What Can 3D Letter Lobby Signs Do for Your Organization?

3D Letter Lobby Signs in Cary NC

The name “3D letter lobby sign” does not just refer to letters of the alphabet. It is a catch-all phrase that also includes numbers, symbols, and logos. So, when we use the term 3D letters, dimensional letters, or raised letters in the signage industry, we are essentially referring to any marker that has a collection of elements that have a dimensional appearance.

How do you know these markers are right for your enterprise? One way is to try to enter your business as if you were a new customer arriving for the first time. What strikes you about the look of your reception area? Are you immediately able to tell what the name of your business is? Is what you see a good representation of what your company stands for? When you invite customers in with 3D letter lobby signs, you will make it clear that they are in the right place.

Three dimensional lobby signs in Cary NC

We can precisely reproduce your company’s colors, fonts, and logos using top-quality materials. If you want to build your name recognition, brand consistency is a must. Once people recognize your brand, they start to trust your business. And, people prefer to do business with organizations they trust. This is how dimensional letters will help your bottom line.

What Types of 3D Letters Are There?

Custom lobby signs in Cary NC

Many different materials are used in the construction of 3D letter lobby signs. Some popular options include:

Wood, Stone and Other Natural Materials – If you operate a business that sells organic or natural products, you cannot beat using natural materials in your dimensional letter lobby sign.

Sign Foam – Made from high-density urethane, sign foam is one of the most requested materials for 3D letter signs because it can achieve thicknesses of up to four inches. It also serves as a great substrate for acrylic and metal laminates.

Acrylic – If you want to accentuate the fact that your enterprise stays ahead of the trends, consider installing acrylic 3D letter lobby signs. These letters can be any color and feature a glossy look.

Metal – Metal is ideal for professional firms that are looking to project an image of longevity and tradition. However, it can be too expensive for many organizations to install solid metal letters. For these enterprises, we recommend using flat-cut aluminum letters. We standoff mount these markers to give a dimensional appearance.

When it comes to 3D letter lobby signs in Cary, NC, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are skilled at making recommendations that perfectly fit your needs. Contact the friendly professionals at Elite Custom Signs today to find out what solutions are available for your business.

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