Vehicle Graphics for Security Patrol Businesses in Raleigh NC

Vehicle graphics for security patrol businesses in Raleigh, NC are a must for many reasons. First and foremost, they provide a deterrent against would-be law-breakers. As your wrapped car drives around its patrol area, your graphics make it clear to potential criminals that they are being watched and that they should move along. Fortunately, Elite Custom Signs is one of the top suppliers of vehicle decals for the Research Triangle area.

The Benefits of Installing Graphics on Your Patrol Vehicles

Vehicle graphics for security patrol companies in Raleigh NC

Consider the following situation: It is after dark. You are stuck in the mall parking lot trying to get your car started. An unmarked truck driven by an imposing man pulls up and asks what is going on. What goes through your head? You might be hesitant to ask this fella for help. Sure, there are many good Samaritans out there, but you have no idea what this guy wants. And, you would not think that he is security because most security vehicles have graphics that identify themselves.

This is just one reason why you need to outfit your fleet of patrol vehicles with vehicle graphics. It lends your cars, vans, or trucks a level of authority that puts people in your service area at ease and drives off seedy elements.

Vehicle graphics for security companies in Raleigh NC

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, you likely want to collect as many clients as possible. Vehicle wraps have been proven effective at reaching up to 70,000 views per day when driving city streets. When you incorporate your company logo, colors, and font, you will get your organization’s name and branding out there, and property managers will think of your business when they need security services.

What Types of Vehicle Graphics Are Available?

There is a broad range of vehicle graphics for security patrol businesses in Raleigh, NC. Here are some of the most popular:

Vehicle Wraps for Security Patrol Companies in Raleigh NC

  • Truck Lettering – We get the most requests for truck lettering because it is the most cost-effective way to put your enterprise’s name, phone number, and other text on your fleet. Reflective vehicle lettering will make your cars visible at all hours of the day and night.
  • Spot Graphics – Also referred to as vehicle decals, spot graphics are the perfect way to showcase your company logo. Our state of the art software allows us to capture your branding and reproduce it on vinyl adhesive films.
  • Window Perf – If you want to reduce visibility into the back of your vehicles while still allowing the driver to see out, window perf is an excellent choice. We can also print your message on vinyl perf so your message is visible from the outside.
  • Wraps – If you want to make a big impact, vehicle wraps will get the job done. We can cover all or part of your vehicle with high-resolution graphics.

These are just some of the solutions available for your security firm. Let us come up with options that are ideal for your business. Contact the friendly professionals at Elite Custom Signs today for a free consultation on vehicle graphics.

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