Signage Repair in Raleigh NC: What Can Be Fixed?

Your exterior signage is usually the main method by which the general public is exposed to your organization. When you have vibrant, clean-looking signs, it shows consumers that you pay attention to details and are worthy of their business. On the other hand, if you allow your markers to fall into disrepair, it will hurt sales in the long run. Fortunately, Elite Custom Signs is here to help with signage repair in Raleigh, NC. Here are some of the common services we provide:

Refurbishing Monument Signs

Monument Sign Repairs in Raleigh NC

There are a number of reasons why we get calls for monument sign refurbishing, such as a sign reflecting an outdated style, rebranding, new tenants wanting their name added to a monument sign, a sign looking shabby from natural wear and tear, a merger has led to new branding, and so on.

Our first step is to determine which parts of the monument sign need to be replaced and which just need an update. We believe in providing cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to our customers, so we will look to salvage as much of your sign as possible.

Refacing Lightbox Cabinets and Repairing Interior Components

Illuminated Cabinet Sign Repairs Raleigh NC

Lightbox cabinets will eventually begin to fade over time. In addition, the plastic faces of these signs will age and occasionally develop cracks or holes. Before shoppers start to think that you have gone out of business, you should consider fixing these issues. If fading is your problem, we can sometimes use the same acrylic panel and just replace the vinyl graphics and overlay. If we do need to replace the panel, we will use high-quality materials to ensure it will last you for many years to come.

Vermin and pests are known to sneak into lightbox cabinets if they have not been cleaned out in years. This can destroy the electrical wiring. Thankfully, our technicians are able to get in there, clean things up, and replace or repair interior components.

Replacing Channel Letters

Channel Letter Sign Repairs Raleigh NC

It is relatively easy to replace individual channel letters that may be damaged if they are wired individually. However, if they are mounted on a raceway, we may need to fix or replace your raceway as well. This is all work we are skilled at completing. And, while we are in there, we can also update your lighting to durable, efficient LED illumination. This will save you on maintenance costs and utility bills in the long term.

Replacing Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letter building sign repairs Raleigh NC

Since they have few components and are typically made of materials that are built to last, dimensional letters rarely need to be replaced, but when they do, it is a relatively easy task. We can replace individual letters or your entire sign. When we replace individual letters, we are able to perfectly match the other letters so your sign can maintain a uniform look.

These are just a few of the repair services we offer. To learn more about specific solutions for your enterprise, contact the friendly experts at Elite Custom Signs today for a free consultation on sign repairs in Raleigh, NC.

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