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When you change the name of a business, there are many factors to take into consideration. Part of your rebranding process should include updating all of your marketing materials with your new logo, typeface, and colors. This includes signs. Grace Park Animal Hospital realized this, so they contacted the friendly professionals at Elite Custom Signs for signs for veterinarians in Morrisville, NC.

What Is Grace Park Animal Hospital?

Exterior Rebranding Signs in Morrisville NC

Located on Lake Grove Boulevard in Morrisville, Grace Park Animal Hospital’s mission is “to provide exceptional care and compassion for pets and the people who love them.” They are a full-service veterinary medical facility with professional and courteous staff members who seek to provide the best possible surgical, dental, and medical care for animals. They are committed to promoting preventative health care, health-related educational opportunities, and responsible pet ownership for their clients.

Monument Signs Morrisville NC

When an organization that does so much to take care of our area’s four-legged friends came to us for rebranding signs in Morrisville, NC, we were more than happy to help out. Dr. Erik Strunck and Amy Strunck, a hospital administrator, recently purchased the Morrisville location of the previous employer, Care First Animal Hospital. They converted it to Grace Park Animal Hospital and needed signage to display this fact. We knew just what to do!

We Gave Grace Park the Elite Treatment

Our first step was to meet with Erik and Amy to learn about their goals for the project and to perform a site survey to see which signs could simply be updated and which needed to be replaced. Here is a rundown of the work we did for them:

Rebrand with New Building Signs in Morrisville NC

  • New Faces for Lightbox Cabinet Building Signs – Grace Park has two lightbox cabinet signs installed on their building: one over the entrance and one on the end wall. For each of these, we removed the old branding and installed pan-faced acrylic signs with digitally-printed graphics featuring their new corporate logo, colors, and font.
  • New Faces for the Monument Sign – We performed essentially the same work on their monument sign: removing the old logo and replacing it with new acrylic faces on both sides. In addition, for this marker and the building signs, we replaced the illumination source with LEDs. LEDs are preferable because they use less electricity and require less maintenance since they last longer.
  • New Window Graphics – In order to really boost their brand awareness, we also installed vinyl graphics on the entrance doors as well as interior doors. In addition, we used cut vinyl lettering to display Grace Park’s contact information along with their hours of operation.

In the end, the client was thrilled with the work we did.

When the time comes to update your branding, give us a call at Elite Custom Signs. We will help you avoid brand confusion and assist you in building your new brand with attractive, eye-catching signs and graphics. We will try to find solutions that are good for the environment and your budget. For instance, when we can reface your signs, we will do that instead of replacing them.

If you need rebranding signs, contact us today!

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