Types of Monument Signs in Raleigh NC

Which Monument Sign in Raleigh NC Is Right for Your Business?

Every facility can benefit from a custom monument sign whether you run a standalone business or you operate a large office complex with many tenants. Monument signs are an effective way to catch the eyes of motorists and announce your location to clients. Fortunately, Elite Custom Signs has virtually limitless solutions when it comes to materials, designs, and colors for monument signs in Raleigh, NC.

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are free-standing exterior structures utilized to show the entrances of community centers, schools, churches, medical facilities and hospitals, retail centers, entertainment complexes, apartment buildings, housing developments, corporate campuses, and essentially any business with a physical location. These markers are typically visually impressive, attention-grabbing, and capture the campus or building architecture.

When shopping for monument signs, it is important for you to understand what options are available. Here are some of our most popular alternatives:

Exterior Directories

Monument Directory Signs in Raleigh NC

Multi-tenant buildings and business parks are our biggest buyers of exterior directories. They are usually installed in retail areas that have restrictive sign regulations that do not allow for the use of colorful branding or illuminated markers. Outdoor directory signs perform the important function of letting visitors and clients know they have found the right place. Make certain that your enterprise is included on these roadside directories.

Free-Standing Architectural Signs

Types of Monument Signs in Raleigh NC

Single-tenant buildings often use architectural monument signs. They are crafted and designed for long-term outdoor use with an array of durable, cutting edge, lightweight materials. The monument sign can match the style of your building by using brick, wood, stone, stucco, or any other kind of surface. They can be lit by external flood lights or illuminated from within so your facility will be visible after dark.

LED Message Boards

LED Readerboard Monument Signs in Raleigh NC

The LED message board digital display is arguably the flashiest monument sign of all. It is basically a free-standing architectural sign on steroids. They are popular in front of schools, entertainment centers, churches, retail businesses, and other enterprises with a dedicated venue and an active schedule of promotions and events. These markers showcase your organization’s identity while conveying your important messages.

Pole Signs

Cabinet / Pole Monument Signs in Raleigh NC

A single cabinet set atop one pylon or positioned between multiple pylons is called a pole sign. These markers are typically designed to accommodate several businesses. Pylon signs attract motorists and foot traffic and assist them with identifying companies with busy complexes. If you recently moved your enterprise into a complex with one of these signs, we can work with your landlord’s specific requirements to create eye-catching sign panels to advertise your business.

Post and Panel Sign Systems

Monument Post and Panel Signs in Raleigh NC

Both single and multi-tenant buildings can benefit from post and panel signs. They can be made from a range of materials. They can also be made with elaborately painted and carved wood panels for upscale properties, or they can be more straightforward. For nighttime visibility, post and panel signs usually have external spotlighting.

Contact the friendly professionals at Elite Custom Signs today for a free consultation on monument signs in Raleigh, NC.

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Best Branding Tool in Raleigh NC are Vehicle Graphics

Best Branding Tool in Raleigh NC? Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

If you do not have vehicle graphics yet, what are you waiting for? An increasing number of Research Triangle entrepreneurs are commissioning these branding and marketing tools. If you are still on the fence about these graphics, we present to you some reasons why you simply cannot pass on Raleigh, NC vehicle wraps and graphics.

Vehicle Graphics Take Your Message to the Streets

Vehicle Graphics in Raleigh NC Are the Best Branding Tool

When you buy billboard space, it does not go anywhere. Only the motorists who happen to pass by will see your advertisement. When these drivers are not part of your target audience, you begin to have issues. However, when you take your message to the streets, you avoid this hit or miss problem. Drive to the neighborhoods where your customers work, shop, and live. You never have to rely on drivers passing by your marketing message again. Instead, you are taking your branding to them.

Vinyl Wraps Are Virtually 100 Percent Memorable

Brand your business with vehicle graphics in Raleigh NC

In a recent survey, 95 percent of respondents said that they remembered vehicle graphics. This means that just about everyone who sees you sitting at a red light will remember your wraps as you make your way around town during rush hour traffic. When consumers remember your vinyl decals, they also remember your organization’s branding information and name. When you invest in television, newspaper, and radio ads, you do not get this kind of exposure.

Spot Graphics Cast a Wide Net

Benefits of Vehicle Graphics in Raleigh NC

As mentioned above, you can reach your target demographic with surgical precision when you install vehicle graphics. This really drives home your branding after you target a certain neighborhood with a paper advertisement blitz. Reaching a certain audience is great, but vehicle graphics tend to reach everyone. This is an added benefit as you find audiences you never previously considered.

For example, as you drive through a neighborhood full of rentals, the people who see your painting contractor vehicle may not have much use for your services. Yet, in a few years, when they buy their own home, they may remember you when the discussion turns to repainting their house. This consumer could also let their peers know about your company simply because of the wrap you chose.

Wraps Advertise 24/7

TV commercials advertise your enterprise for about 30 seconds if the viewer happens to stay in the room for the ad. You have about a day or two before your newspaper ad ends up in the recycling bin. On the other hand, vehicle graphics market your business at all hours of the day and night, even when your vehicle is parked. You essentially get nonstop branding for the entire five years that vehicle vinyl products typically last. Place your van, car, truck, or even boat in front of your home to generate interest in your neighborhood. Or, park in front of your shop for extra attention-grabbing signage.

When you install Raleigh, NC vehicle wraps and graphics, you reach your target demographic as well as everyone else. If you are ready to take advantage of this marketing tool, contact Elite Custom Signs today for a free quote.

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Vehicle Decals and Graphics in Cary NC

Need Vehicle Decals and Graphics in Cary NC?

When it comes to adding graphics to your vehicle, we have solutions for a broad array of needs. Whether you need a cost-effective way to market your brand without using an extreme paint job that may hurt your car’s resale value or you just want to make your track stand out from the others on the road, Elite Custom Signs can transform the look of your automobile with vehicle decals and graphics in Cary, NC.

Why You Need Spot Graphics

Vehicle Decals in Cary NC

Also referred to as vinyl decals, spot graphics appeal to commercial customers as well as individuals. People who want graphics for their personal vehicle are often looking for slogans or sayings that show off the driver’s personality, large hood images that customize the look of a car, and the popular stick family decals. Graphics are not limited to use on cars, vans, and trucks. They are also suitable for planes, ATVs, motorcycles, and boats.

Organizations approach us for decals when they want to highlight their company name, logo, and niche-specific information. Fleet managers come to us when they want to outfit their vans with their branding and marketing messages. As a business owner, you cannot afford to pass on vehicle graphics. As your work trucks travel the Research Triangle region to run errands, travel to job sites, or make deliveries, they will perform double duty by boosting your brand awareness.

Digitally Printed Graphics Grab Attention

Vehicle Graphics in Cary NC

There are many different styles of spot graphics. One of the most popular options is die-cut digitally printed decals. Due to our ability to print graphics in full color, you have the chance to display intricate artwork on your decals. We use vinyl adhesive films from Oracal, 3M, Avery, and other world-renowned manufacturers.

We make certain your graphics will last far into the future by adding an overlaminate that protects against light scratches, the damaging rays of the sun, and water. After we digitally print your graphics, we use our plotter to cut your decals to any shape you want.

We Handle Every Step of the Process

Vehicle Decals and Graphics in CAry NC

From design to printing and installation, Elite Custom Signs takes care of every part of the decal-making process. When you have larger graphics, it is best to rely on the professionals since we can ensure they are installed to last. However, when it comes to smaller decals, we can offer you tips for installing them on your own.

When shopping for vehicle decals and graphics in Cary, NC, many individuals and business owners turn to the Internet. You will sometimes find a cheaper price than we can give you. Yet, you are on your own when it comes to installation, you will not get the same level of customer service, and they will rarely precisely match your corporate colors.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of trying to work with an online outfit, give us a call and let us handle everything. Contact our friendly professionals today for a free quote if you want to give your vehicle a new look.

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3D Letter Lobby Signs in Cary NC

3D Letter Lobby Signs in Cary NC Great for All Types of Businesses!

3D letter lobby signs are a must if your enterprise is located in a large office building, you are opening up your first brick-and-mortar store or office, or if you simply want to boost your brand awareness. Today, we are going to examine the many ways you can use 3D letter lobby signs in Cary, NC.

What Can 3D Letter Lobby Signs Do for Your Organization?

3D Letter Lobby Signs in Cary NC

The name “3D letter lobby sign” does not just refer to letters of the alphabet. It is a catch-all phrase that also includes numbers, symbols, and logos. So, when we use the term 3D letters, dimensional letters, or raised letters in the signage industry, we are essentially referring to any marker that has a collection of elements that have a dimensional appearance.

How do you know these markers are right for your enterprise? One way is to try to enter your business as if you were a new customer arriving for the first time. What strikes you about the look of your reception area? Are you immediately able to tell what the name of your business is? Is what you see a good representation of what your company stands for? When you invite customers in with 3D letter lobby signs, you will make it clear that they are in the right place.

Three dimensional lobby signs in Cary NC

We can precisely reproduce your company’s colors, fonts, and logos using top-quality materials. If you want to build your name recognition, brand consistency is a must. Once people recognize your brand, they start to trust your business. And, people prefer to do business with organizations they trust. This is how dimensional letters will help your bottom line.

What Types of 3D Letters Are There?

Custom lobby signs in Cary NC

Many different materials are used in the construction of 3D letter lobby signs. Some popular options include:

Wood, Stone and Other Natural Materials – If you operate a business that sells organic or natural products, you cannot beat using natural materials in your dimensional letter lobby sign.

Sign Foam – Made from high-density urethane, sign foam is one of the most requested materials for 3D letter signs because it can achieve thicknesses of up to four inches. It also serves as a great substrate for acrylic and metal laminates.

Acrylic – If you want to accentuate the fact that your enterprise stays ahead of the trends, consider installing acrylic 3D letter lobby signs. These letters can be any color and feature a glossy look.

Metal – Metal is ideal for professional firms that are looking to project an image of longevity and tradition. However, it can be too expensive for many organizations to install solid metal letters. For these enterprises, we recommend using flat-cut aluminum letters. We standoff mount these markers to give a dimensional appearance.

When it comes to 3D letter lobby signs in Cary, NC, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are skilled at making recommendations that perfectly fit your needs. Contact the friendly professionals at Elite Custom Signs today to find out what solutions are available for your business.

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Exterior Signs for Dental Practices in Farquay Varina NC

Brand Your Dental Practice with Exterior 3D Letter Logo Signs

When consumers look at the front of your building, odds are they are exposed to your branding and can get a good idea of what it is your business does. But, what if there is a busy roadway that goes by the back of your venue? Are you advertising to these people? Waterstone Family Dentistry wanted people in all directions to see their branding, so they contacted Elite Custom Signs for signs for dental practices in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

What Is Waterstone Family Dentistry?

Exterior signs for dental practices in Farquay-Varina NC

Exterior signs that brand!

Located on Attain Street in Fuquay-Varina, Waterstone Family Dentistry is the practice of Dr. Michele Collier. She received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from New York University before starting her practice in beautiful North Carolina. Today, they have a new facility with state of the art technology. They offer hours on the weekends and evenings to make it convenient for working families. And, they provide a broad range of services from complete dental implant care to professional teeth whitening options.

3D Letter Building Signs in Faquay Varina NC

We were able to add their logo to their 3D Letter Logo sign!

When an organization that does so much to keep local residents’ smiles looking their best came to us for exterior 3D letter logo signs in Fuquay-Varina, NC, we were more than happy to help out. Waterstone already had exterior signage, but they wanted people in all directions to be able to see their branding. We had just the solution.

What We Did for Waterstone

During an initial consultation, we listened carefully to what Waterstone had in mind for their project. We also performed a site survey and took some measurements. Based on their surroundings, budget, and vision, we recommended a 3D letter logo sign for the façade of their venue. They thought that would be perfect, and once they approved our design, we got to work fabricating their new marker.

Our design is based on Waterstone’s existing logo. We used white 3D letters because they are affordable and stand out against the dark brick wall. We fabricated each letter to precisely match the fonts the client uses on their other marketing materials. And, we were able to perfectly replicate the logo using our router. We then worked with the client’s schedule to install the markers at a time when we would not disrupt business. The letters are mounted with standoffs for an added dimensional effect. In the end, they were completely satisfied with the work we did.

We Love Serving Fuquay-Varina!

From our headquarters in Raleigh, we enjoy making the 25-minute drive south to visit our Wake County neighbors in Fuquay-Varina. Despite its modest population of almost 25,000, Fuquay-Varina has “A Dash More.” The city continues to grow and has many attractions from parks to a long list of historic sites. There are also several big employers bringing work to the area, including Bob Barker, Massengill Design-Build, Aviator Brewing, Old North State Catering, and many more.

From Draft Line Brewing Company and Fuquay-Varina High School (Go Bengals!) to Performance Sports Center and Honeycutt Road Park and every place in between, we are proud to serve Fuquay-Varina. If you are in need of 3D letter logo signs, please consider contacting the friendly professionals at Elite Custom Signs today for a free consultation.

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