Local business owners and entrepreneurs often have enough expenses without having to worry about their advertising budget. When you do have money to spend on marketing, you want to be sure it is effective at driving sales. Traditional media are having a difficult time of achieving a sufficient return on investment lately. Luckily, contractor vehicle wraps in Raleigh, NC have proven to boost your brand awareness. We have put together this list of four ways you can benefit from using wraps to advertise your contractor business:

1.They Build Your Company’s Name Recognition

Vehicle graphics were remembered by 95 percent of respondents in a recent survey. Basically, your graphics will be memorable to every person you pass on the roads during rush hour traffic. When prospective clients take notice of your graphics, they remember your organization’s name and branding. You do not achieve this level of success with radio and television advertisements.

2.Wraps Get Your Brand out There Quickly

Your average, run of the mill billboard does not move. The only ones who see it are passengers and motorists who drive by. However, these drivers are often times not part of your target demographic. You can avoid this hit or miss problem by taking your message on the road with you. You will reach your prospective customers in the areas where they shop, live, and work. That is, as you go about your everyday tasks, you show off your branding in your service area.

3.They Do Not Cost as Much as Other Ad Avenues

Due to a fear that vehicle graphics will be way too expensive for their company, many contractors are hesitant to even get an estimate on graphics for their work vans, cars, or trucks. Yet, business owners are usually pleasantly surprised when they contact us to find out how much it would cost to wrap their fleet. Vinyl wraps are well worth their price. The world-renowned vinyl manufacturer 3M found in a recent study that it would take $130,000 in advertisements using traditional media to reach the same number of people as a $3500 wrap.

4.Wraps Advertise Even when Your Vehicle Is Parked

If the viewer doesn’t have DVR or commercial-free streaming, a television ad will market your enterprise to them for about 30 seconds. Before it gets recycled, a newspaper advertisement may sit around a consumer’s home for a day or two. Yet, vehicle graphics brand your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week for up to five years or more. Even when you are parked in front of a supplier’s business, in your building’s parking lot, or at a job site, you are generating interest in your services.

Your work trucks are typically the first impression potential clients get of your contractor business. When you show up to a job site in a dirty van with no identifying markings, you do not seem professional or trustworthy. Contractor vehicle wraps in Raleigh, NC can change that.

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